I had applied to an online form via social media. It looked legitimate, and the representative who contacted me was quite helpful as well. They assisted me and showed me some sort of software on how to conduct trades in what I thought was a good strategy. It turns out that this was all some sort of simulation, and it was all rigged. They even let me withdraw money, which prompted me to keep ‘investing’ more. Once I realized what had occurred, after trying to withdraw all the funds and not being able to, it was also at this time that this representative, who was supposed to be a trading specialist, disappeared, and I couldn’t reach him. I was depressed after this. I researched online and came across Scam Help, which seemed the most reputable based on their expertise and being registered in the European Union. Their staff were approachable and understanding, but more importantly, so efficient. I have got back a considerable amount of funds already, and I hope to get more. I can’t thank them enough. They have my full recommendation.