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There is always a chance to get a refund in case you were billed fraudulently. Our team of professionals will help you to gather the right evidence, deeply analyze your case, submit a dispute against a fraudulent merchant and bring justice by exercising your financial rights.

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Many individuals get discouraged when facing fraud due to its nature. The boom in online trading is a direct result of the digital marketplace. Financial tools that offer easy and simple ways to invest your money also expose you to fraudulent practices such as Binary Options, CFD, Forex, and Cryptocurrency scams. Until fairly recently, those who lost money in investment fraud didn’t have the necessary information or tools to help them recoup their funds. Scam Help specializes in recovering assets that were lost as the result of financial fraud. We hold the liable entities accountable!

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Why Scam Help?

Scam Help is an asset recovery firm based in The Hague, Netherlands, licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Justice and the European Commission (Company Number KVK 78091624) and specializes in cases in The European Union and globally.
There are many strategies scam companies use to steal your money – but that doesn’t mean that your funds are lost forever. Our mission is to provide our clients with a proven way to recover their assets. Scam Help investigates cases through financial forensic analysis and assists in processing recovery claims through the banks, insurance underwriters, and private sector companies that are liable for the financial damages that the victims incurred.
Building trust and guiding our clients to a successful recovery is our main priority. We have a broad range of clients no matter what type of fraud, so we know exactly what to do, how to read your particular situation and therefore we can use the law to your best advantage and create a strategy that will succeed. Investment rarely comes without a level of risk, but that risk increases exponentially for those unaware of the tactics of predatory criminals. We get your money back by enforcing your rights as a creditor, recovering funds for our clients in a wide range of strategies. Utilizing innovative technologies and human capital we give our clients the tools they need to initiate financial compensation claims.

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Frequently ask question

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There are many red flags when it comes to fraud. For example, unusual payment methods like paying a broker in cryptocurrency or something too good to be true. Scammers will present their products in the best way to trick you. If it has a sense of urgency and pressure it most likely is a scam. File a complaint with us today to check if you are a victim and for us to help get back what is rightfully yours!
Scam Help solves financial disputes by avoiding actual arbitration, which is way faster, more cost-effective, and shows a higher success rate. Our complex approach and broad experience help us to bring together the investigational part, anti-fraud practices, and knowledge of banking laws to successfully dispute the transactions in question and bring justice to you in a fast and efficient manner.
Scam Help specialises in asset recovery; therefore, we use different complex approaches with our distinguished team members. Please visit our partner’s page to read their full bio so you can feel confident with the team that is handling your case.
On average a case can take up to 8-12 weeks. However, the more complex a case is the longer it will take. Some cases can be won in as short as 14-21 days other cases can take up to 6-12 months (Typically cases with a loss of 100,000+)
Depending on the timeline of the fraud. Most cases do require extensive work and therefore retainers are taken. The price depends on the complexity of the case, our team needs first needs to analyse the case and then give you a proposal.
This depends on how you sent the funds to the criminal accounts. Certain cases do have a statute of limitations (mainly credit card fraud). Other cases do not. File a complaint today to see if your case qualifies (hyperlink to contact form)
Most Scam Recovery sites are scams themselves or they deliver a poor and slow service. Most of them are run out of countries in Eastern Europe/Asia or offshore tax havens to gain as much profit as possible. These companies will ask for ridiculous upfront fees and lie about the team handling the case. What sets us aside from the competition – we publicly display our qualified team members who are distinguished in the field of AML and asset recovery. With a team, you can trust to handle your case. Visit our partners page to learn more.

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Our job is to help our customers to stay safe while investing, trading, or purchasing goods and services. Dealing with a company that seems to be fishy? Reach out to one of our anti-fraud specialists to put things right for you.

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