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Who we are ?

Scam Help (registered in The Netherlands under Transparent Business Solutions B.V., Company Number 78091624) is a funds recovery company based in the Netherlands. Our dedicated team of professional IT forensic analysts, anti-fraud specialists, and case coordinators have vast working knowledge in online trading scams and other types of fraud. We assist clients globally to submit disputes against fraudulent entities. Scam Help guides clients with high-end tailor-made solutions with global industry-leading partners.

Who can we help ?

Forex frauds

In the dynamic foreign exchange (forex) market, characterized by constant price fluctuations, institutions, companies, and individuals can reap significant profits. Unfortunately, forex fraud is on the rise, presenting a considerable challenge without guaranteed preventive measures.

Crypto scams

Cryptocurrency scams pose a significant threat in the digital realm. Whether you've fallen victim to credit/debit card scams, online dating fraud, online casino scams, crypto-currency schemes, CFD trading fraud, or any form of banking deception, there are legitimate solutions and strategies to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Other scams

Whether you've encountered credit/debit card scams, fallen prey to online dating schemes, been swindled by online casino fraud, entangled in CFD trading deceit, or experienced any other form of banking fraud, rest assured there is a legitimate solution and strategy to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Why us?

Scam Help employs existing regulations, consumer rights, and tailored solutions for a top-tier recovery service. Upon confirming your valid request and fraud occurrence, you’ll receive guidance to initiate the refund process. We collaborate on the best action plan to successfully recover your funds, providing a free consultation to kickstart your case. Our expert team, including former law enforcement officers and banking specialists, upholds the highest ethical standards to optimize your asset recovery journey. Choose Scam Help for a comprehensive, professional, and ethical approach to reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

Best Industry leaders

Our team consists of international AML and law experts that are capable of solving cases of any complexity on a global scale.

Quick Processing

Scam Help's clients gain from our team’s vast knowledge and expertise. We present your case in front of the bank or other financial institutions involved in the most professional way to reduce processing time and increase your chance for a successful resolution.

Tailor-made dispute resolution

We practice an individual approach to each client that guarantees thorough analysis of every case in order to provide our clients with the best solution available.


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Suspect fraud?

Our job is to help our customers to stay safe while investing, trading, or purchasing goods and services. Dealing with a company that seems to be fishy? Reach out to one of our anti-fraud specialists to put things right for you.

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