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PACIFIC RISK LTD & Julian Russell

Lead Fraud and AML Investigator

Mr. Julian Russell born in New Zealand is a Director of Pacific Risk Ltd, a renowned Business intelligence Consultancy firm based in Hong Kong that specializes in Due Diligence, Crises Management, Anti-Money Laundering Advice and Training, Fraud Investigation, Forensic Engineering and Dispute Resolution support. Pacific Risk Ltd. directs and oversees all major fraud cases of ‘Scam Help’ clients who have suffered on-line scams and/or other fraudulent crimes totaling above 100,000 EUR. With over 30 years of experience in Asia and other global locations Julian spent much of his career working for a US multi-national risk management firm as Managing Director Subordinate to the Asia Regional Head.

Julian’s experience includes the project management of directing business intelligence cases ranging from pre-transactional due diligence for numerous industries to anti-money-laundering related projects, to security risk assessment assignments, to serious criminal investigations involving insurance frauds and laundering of proceeds of crime around the world through offshore companies and cash couriers.

Prior to his career in the private sector, Julian spent nine years as a Senior Investigator in the Hong Kong Government where he was engaged in investigating sensitive criminal and political issues. During his time in the Government, Julian’s duties required him to attend a wide range of courses ranging from leadership, criminal intelligence analysis to interview techniques. Julian is fully qualified in intelligence analysis and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.


Julian’s academic qualifications include the University of London, Master of Laws in the specialization of Commercial and Corporate Law, a Master degree in Strategy and Security from UNSW in Sydney, Australia, and a Master degree in Transnational Crime Prevention with Distinction, from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Julian is a recognized regional expert in Anti-Money Laundering issues in South East Asia and has been interviewed on numerous occasions for comment on breaking news stories involving money laundering, international criminal cartels, and corporate and government corruption.

Level 19, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2251 8465

Leon Hill

In-House Legal Counsel, JD

Leon Hill is a registered Attorney in the State of California USA. Leon started his career in operational intelligence in the US Military in 1980. After transferring from active duty service to reserve status as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy, Leon obtained his Juris Doctor degree and was admitted to the California Bar in 1986. He worked as a trial lawyer in large civil firms and then became a criminal prosecutor. In the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, Leon served in proactive divisions, including the Major Narcotics Unit and Jurisdictions United for Drug and Gang Enforcement (the JUDGE Unit). In the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California, he was assigned to the Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, working closely with intelligence and law enforcement agencies while investigating and prosecuting narcotics-related asset forfeiture cases.
After leaving government service, he entered private practice and partnered with a retired intelligence officer to form a private investigative firm that specialised in global commercial intelligence offering threat analysis and countermeasures services for clients including Microsoft, Epson-Seiko, Kyocera, and Amgen, among others.

Since expatriating to the Far East in 2003, Leon has served as principal consultant for international investigations and due diligence firms and as corporate counsel for numerous new-technology companies. Based in Southeast Asia, his counter-fraud net is global.

Leon’s professional experience includes managing a forced labor data and intelligence project for a global NGO combatting human trafficking by applying anti-money-laundering regulations. He has directed IP anti-piracy investigations with infringement enforcement response, provided foreign area risk assessments emphasising IP protection for multinational companies, and unmasked fraudulent industrial provocateurs, catalysing punitive enforcement actions that neutralised them. He is the editor of “Practical Approach to Prevention and Detection of Fraud, a Guidebook for Internal Control Professionals”.


B2B Structured Web Data Provider

DomainCrawler is a key player in the area of collecting and organizing web data. Since its launch in 2008, the agency has been indexing and storing backlink and domain data with the goal of building a database that is not just focused on gTLDs but also ccTLDs. Software developers, engineers, and data scientists make up its experienced staff, and they all put in endless effort to give their clients the best web data available.

Its product line includes clear and simple-to-integrate APIs for backlink and domain name research. This gives its partners access to one of the biggest databases worldwide.

With the help of DomainCrawler, businesses can combat online fraudsters, carry out domain monitoring, conduct thorough market research, and make the finest data-driven business choices. By utilizing backlink data, DomainCrawler can spot spikes in backlinks to a domain and, as a result, uncover fraudsters who are creating link networks to boost their search engine rankings. With this tool, brand infringements can be prevented even before they occur.


Digital Investigations & Cyber Security Solutions

DataExpert is one of the leading firms in the field of crime-fighting and data security. In the areas of digital forensics, analytics, OSINT, and cyber security, it provides its customers with insight, cutting-edge software, training, research, support, and consultancy. In addition to securing systems and data, DataExpert works to prevent and overcome (cyber) crime and fraud. The firm collaborates with its clients and business partners to always stay steps ahead of crime.
DataExpert always tries to pinpoint clients’ market needs, monitor current and forecasted trends, and discover new products in order to provide the relevant technology and knowledge.

Additionally, DataExpert consistently invests in its team of professionals and provides the necessary software, hardware, and training through conferences, trade fairs, customer visits, and product training. Hiring field personnel by the police, local governments, and IT firms, as well as the Department of Defence, also helps with this.
In addition to its impressive list of achievements, DataExpert is authorized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security as a private investigation agency under POB number 1773.

Guidepost Solutions

Forensic accounting and security technology solution provider

Guidepost Solutions is a global risk and investigations consultant that offers
services such as compliance solutions, local and international investigations,
monitoring, and security and technology consultancy. The brand of Guidepost
Solutions was built on the reputation and expertise of its team members. A
diversified, global team of investigators, security and technology experts, and
compliance and monitoring experts make up the firm.
General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, EQ Office, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche
Bank, and City of Dallas Emergency Operations Center are among the many well-
known businesses from across the world that have teamed up with Guidepost
The firm assists with risk management, attaining core corporate goals, and guiding
strategic decisions that benefit the C-Suite, operations, and people. Bogotá, Boston,
Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Palm Beach,
Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Walnut Creek, and Washington, DC are
just a few of the cities where it has offices. Its service area extends over the whole