Scam Help Announces yet Another Fresh Partnership with DataExpert to Bolster Fight Against Cyber Fraud

The fund recovery firm, Scam Help, has formed a new partnership with DataExpert, a reputable firm in the field of crypto tracing, to consolidate the fight against online fraud.

Scam Help, a Netherland-based company that specializes in recovering stolen or lost digital assets, has collaborated with DataExpert, a reliable firm in the area of crypto tracing, to help strengthen the fight against cyber fraud.

For a company whose forte lies in recovering stolen or lost digital assets, securing a new partnership with DataExpert after previously sealing a partnership with DomainCrawler, is a step in the right direction to actualizing Scam Help‘s mission of curbing cyber crimes of various degrees.

This new partnership will further improve Scam Help’s effort in data collection and structuring, IT forensic analysts, crypto tracing, investigations into cases of cyber fraud, etc. Hence, Victims of online fraud can recover their lost digital assets seamlessly via Scam Help‘s latest consolidated platform.


Significant Details on DataExpert


A safe society – The people at DataExpert work towards this goal every day. Their goal is to contribute to solving every criminal and fraud case, to reduce the impact of a cyber attack and the risk of data leaks to zero, using their expertise, tools and services. Since 1990 DataExpert delivers a synergy of specialized services and innovative products to Central governments, Law Enforcement, Military, Investigation Bodies, Financials, Manufacturers, Litigation parties and more in Benelux, Dutch Caribbean and Scandinavia. They provide them with the latest technologies and training in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Data Analytics, OSINT, Threat Intelligence and more of their world-leading partners. From their CERT, midmarket customers are provided with Incident Response, Investigations and Security workshops. DataExpert has offices in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands (HQ) and is part of the Interstellar group,

By adopting and utilizing some products and tools provided by DataExpert, Scam Help will even more effectively tackle the common scam schemes with relative ease. Among these scam schemes are:



This scamming scheme mostly comes from unauthorized access to cryptocurrency users’ digital wallets, robbing and ripping unsuspecting victims of their valuable cryptocurrency tokens. With the Cryptocurrency tracing service, victims of this type of scam can still recover their stolen digital assets.

DataExpert has several products and services that are readily available and can serve as valuable assets that will assist Scam Help in fighting cyber fraud. Some of these products and services include:



Products in DataExpert are grouped into 4 that are very crucial in combating online fraud. These four products are:


Analytics services such as Cyber threat intelligence, Financial investigations, Link analysis and visualization, Telcom investigations, and unstructured data offered by DataExpert Analytics will be very significant in combating cyber fraud

Digital Forensics

This focuses on identifying, acquiring, processing, and reporting data stored electronically. With DataExpert mobile forensics, cloud forensics, and forensic hardware services, cyber fraud can be effectively tackled in collaboration with Scam Help.

Cyber Security

Cyber security involves the protection of computer systems and networks from information divulgence or theft. In this field, DataExpert offers three critical services that will go a long way in combating online fraud.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-source intelligence deals with the collection and analysis of data obtained from public sources that can be used to launch investigations into cases relating to cyber fraud.



DataExpert offers three key services that will be very crucial in Scam Help‘s fight against cyber fraud. These three key services include:

Consultancy & Support

DataExpert is endowed with a team of experienced consultants working in different fields in which analysis and security solutions are their core areas of expertise.

DataExpert offers online and physical customer-oriented functional and technical support for issues of any kind.

Incident Response & Investigations

The Cyber Emergency Response Team (DE-CERT) can launch investigations in areas like Incident Response, digital forensic investigations and Open-source intelligence investigations.

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