Scam Help Announces Partnership with DomainCrawler to Combat Cyber Fraud

Scam Help has collaborated with DomainCrawler, a pioneer in online data collection and structuring, to strengthen the fight against cyber fraud.


One of the leading fund recovery agencies, Scam Help, has gone into a new partnership with DomainCrawler, a popular B2B provider of structured web data, to help in carrying out effective cyber investigations, which will lead to a reinforced fight against online fraud.

The partnership between these two companies is to create a bootstrapper that will be renowned for performing online data collection and structuring. This partnership will also benefit victims of online trading scams as it will aid the investigation of cybercrimes which will lead to well-deserved justice.


DomainCrawler was launched in 2008 with a vision of creating a database focused not only on gTLDs but ccTLDs as well. Since its inception, DomainCrawler has continued to improve in collecting, processing, and storing domain and backlink data. Through its services, the firm has both in the past and in the present assisted several companies across many industries to gain actionable insights, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, enhance product portfolios, and offer better research services.


Following Scam Help‘s latest partnership with DomainCrawler, Scam Help hopes to bolster the fight against cyber fraud by adopting and utilizing some of the products and tools available in DomainCrawler such as Domain Research platform. This solution enables users to conduct thorough investigations of domain names uncovering HTML, DNS, WHOIS, and other data for subsequent analysis.


With a help of Domain Research, Scam Help will easily uncover websites that sell counterfeit goods, and investigations to identify the owner of fake websites to take down such websites can also be carried out. Also, networks of scam sites can be exposed using Reverse IP lookup.


Another sector in DomainCrawler that will play a major role in assisting Scam Help combat cyber fraud is the domain management sector. With the Domain Research tool, registrars, registries, and hosting, customer domains can be monitored effectively.


In conclusion, the partnership between Scam Help and Domain Crawler will help create a more insightful view of the entire internet that can facilitate more strategic decision-making. This will assist in facilitating domain transfer, checking the riskiest zone files, and taking a peek at other zone files.

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