Scam Help & AmCham Partnership!

The Netherlands is the top choice among American businesses for direct investment, and the AmCham has put in immense effort over the years to facilitate transatlantic trade.

A good part of annual Dutch revenue is sourced through US-based firms. AmCham’s access to Netherlands’ government and administration allows us to help companies with their investment and business policy.

Recently, the rise in online trading and crypto investments has led to lots of cyber frauds in the marketplace. Companies tend to use simple tools to invest money digitally, but they are exposed to the risk of crypto scams, forex, binary options, CFD, and other scams. AmCham strives to keep our member companies safe and carefree about their business.

Recently, investment fraud was at an all-time high, and people didn’t have the right tools or information to recover their lost assets. AmCham has partnered with Scam Help to help those who lost assets through financial scams and fraud. Scam Help specializes in recovering assets and holding the liable entities accountable.

What is Scam Help?

Registered in the Netherlands, Scam Help is a funds recovery firm with an expert team of IT forensics, anti-fraud analysts, and case coordinators with immense experience handling online trading and other frauds. They offer tailormade, custom solutions to global clients and help submit disputes against liable parties.

Scamsters keep coming up with new ways to rob money, and our aim is to recover our clients’ stolen or lost assets. Our team uses financial forensic analytics and helps in recovery by working with banks, private companies, insurance underwriters, or any other entity responsible for financial damage.

Whenever you suffer fraud, there is a chance to recover money, and our team gathers the necessary evidence, analyses the situation, and submits disputes against the fraudulent parties for you. Everyone has their financial rights, and Scam Help has served a range of clients. Those who are new to investment can fall prey to prefatory fraudsters.

Through innovative technologies and an experienced team, they enforce your financial rights and come up with the right strategy to get your assets back.

Scam Help Solutions

Any organization or business can experience online fraud, and Scam Help can recover assets lost in any type of fraud. They can deal with cyber and multi-layered crimes as well –

Forex Scams – The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours being the largest trade market globally. Regular price changes can make companies lots of profits, but fraud is ever rising in this market. Youth under the age of 25 and older adults are most vulnerable to forex fraud. Scam Help can help with any type of forex scam anywhere in the world.

Crypto Scams – In the last 10 years, crypto trading has grown a lot, and scamsters are robbing people by luring them into making fast money. Most exchanges use complex blockchain technology, and fraudsters target people’s personal crypto wallets. Scam Help has legitimate solutions in place to recover lost crypto assets for clients.

Other Scams – Scammers send multiple messages and emails to get people’s personal and financial details. When people ignore spam texts, scammers act as legitimate companies to build trust and rob them off their money. Frauds even resort to legal text and time-sensitive offers to lure investors. All such approaches should be ignored, but if you have lost money to such fraudsters, Scam Help will recover your assets.

Why Choose Scam Help?

Scam Help offers recovery services keeping in mind consumer rights and existing regulations. The refund process begins only after establishing your request and verifying the fraud. After a free consultation, they will represent your case before the liable party, banks, regulators, and everyone involved.

Industry Leading Teams – Law and international AML experts make recovery possible even in the most complex global cases.

Fast Processing – Scam Help’s team submits your case against the liable parties and entities professionally and quickly. They make sure to recover your lost assets in the fastest time possible.

Tailormade Solutions – The team handles every individual case with the right strategy and deep analysis of the situation. This ensures that the clients get the best available solution.

You Can Recover Your Lost Assets

Being the spokesperson for US-based companies in the Netherlands, AmCham wants our members to be safe and secure while trading, purchasing, or investing in the country. With Scam Help, you get the best asset recovery and anti-fraud solutions to invest funds in a relaxed manner.

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