Scam Detector – the world’s #1 fraud prevention platform

In our continued effort to help protect our customers against online scams and fraudulent websites, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Scam Detector.


Scam Detector

Scam Detector’s advanced algorithm pulls data from different sources to accurately assess websites for potential threats. Scam Detector checks for contact details, IP addresses, URL details, ratings, reviews, frequent activity to make sure your data and money are safe. Using Scam Detector can ensure you never buy from a fraudulent site again.

Scam Detector has exposed over 1,500 scams so far and is continually on the search for new scams across multiple industries. Scam Detector covers crypto, real estate, auto, eCommerce, insurance, communications, employment, social media and more.

The company also keeps track of trending scams and works with official government bodies to ensure they are up to date with the latest security threats.

Through our partnership with Scam Detector, we will be able to help keep you safe online by avoiding fraudulent websites. As the world’s number 1 fraud prevention site keeping over 3 million people safe online, the data gathered by Scam Detector will help expand our knowledge and services so you can be confident online.

Fraudulent websites

According to research, $42 billion is lost every year to fraudulent websites in the US alone. Worldwide, the exact cost of fraudulent websites is unknown but is estimated to be in the trillions. Scam websites remain a significant threat to consumers looking to purchase items online. They are incredibly varied in appearance and function and often appear legitimate, making them hard to identify.

Some scam websites claim to sell items at a discounted price, offer prizes or display false security threats in order to gain information or install malware on your device. While scams sites come in all shapes and sizes, they all have one goal; to trick you into giving up your personal and financial information. Once they have this, they can steal, blackmail and threaten to get what they want, usually money.

Often, these scam sites emulate well-known, reputable brands such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Facebook in order to trick you into thinking you are dealing with the official company. You may see a URL that looks similar to the official one and matching graphics to persuade you it is legitimate.

Scam Help Partners

At Scam Help, we are dedicated to working with experts to offer the best services and support possible. Partnering with independent experts helps ensure we have access to the best knowledge, data and software possible, giving us a higher chance of recovering your assets.

In our partnerships, we aim to cover a range of legal and financial issues with specialists across multiple areas of cybercrime, security threats, and financial laws.

Cryptocurrency tracing

The private investigators in the field of crypto tracing specialise in bespoke, confidential investigations at the highest level to help you recover lost assets. They provide comprehensive tracking, tracing and cyber forensics, so nothing is left up to chance. Their experience and knowledge can help prevent cyber fraud, trace cryptocurrency, uncover scams and provide detailed background checks.

Our work with crypto investigators allows us to provide a higher quality of service to better understand criminal activity and protect your personal data and financial information online. From private clients to large corporations, Scam Help’s work covers all areas of scams, fraud and security threats.

The Scam Help team

At Scam Help, we pride ourselves on working with the best in the industry with a range of experiences and specialisms. We believe that by working with industry experts, we can give you the best chance possible of recovering stolen money and data. Scams continually adapt, and new threats and schemes are uncovered every day.

We continue to work hard alongside our partners to provide the best-in-industry support to protect you online.

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