Rostex Global Scam Alert

Rostex Global – Another scam we are fighting against

It is not a secret that the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK shows the highest standards of financial regulations and the client’s protection. That’s why the majority of the scam companies are trying to pose as a UK-based entity or one that is regulated by FCA. Rostex.Global is not an exception – supposedly a “Scotland-based” investment company that promises a 3% daily return. Sounds good enough, doesn’t it?

Rostex Global Scam Alert

Rostex.Global – red flags

Actually, it’s a major red flag inexperienced investors are quite often not aware of – none of the reputable investment or trading companies can guarantee any returns, especially fixed unrealistic ones. If you come across any company like Rostex.Global that makes fake promises, you should understand that in fact, they do not make any investments for you. “Profits” you see on the screen is nothing, but a video game simulation. Trading platforms are fully controlled by the criminals operating them, therefore they can show any number they want by simple web page coding. Rostex.Global indeed used this technique in order to make their victims deposit more and more – stable daily returns, what can be more attractive than this?

Seduced with constantly growing numbers, users are eager to invest more and more before they realize that it is just a Ponzi scheme – the larger investors, in the beginning, might get a small chunk of their “profits” (typically 5-10%), this reassurance builds trust and makes the whole operation feel real. The criminals do not mind parting with a little bit of funds to generate more returns (marketing strategies for them).

Got scammed by Rostex Global fake broker?

Scam Help is more than happy to assist Rostex.Global’s victims to recover the funds they lost due to fraud.

Lost funds investing with Rostex.Global or any other fake investment company? Reach out and check if we can help! We can help combat this fraud together. We use a very complex approach to dispute payments that are fraudulent. Our international team of specialists has exceptional experience working with various cases & different types of fraud all around the world. We are familiar with best practices, conditions, requirements, and strategies.

Our job is to help our customers to stay safe while investing, trading, or purchasing goods and services. Dealing with a company that seems to be fishy? Reach out to one of our anti-fraud specialists to put things right for you.

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