How To Detect Online Dating Scams: 5 Warning Signs Ways To Help You

Online dating scams can also be referred to as romance frauds. These scams occur when one falsely believes that they found a perfect match through dating apps or sites. 

But the reality is that the person on the other side is out to make money through fraud from the innocent unsuspecting person on the receiving end.

What Are The Common Warnings Signs of Online Dating Scams?

About 40% of U.S. citizens, for example, use online dating websites owing to the rise of dating apps all over. In the year 2020,  people lost over  $300 million to online dating scams, most of these people being 20 to 40 years old.

Here are the 5 most common warning signs to look out for in order to detect online dating scams.

1. Diversion of conversation to email or text

The scammer, having noticed that the dating site may be monitoring signs of fraud, will ask you to text, WhatsApp, or email them instead of continuing the chat on the dating app. This is in order to extort money from you without being monitored. Look out for a quick form of affection.

2. Gift Suggestions 

Having made you develop a false sense of security by calling you sweet names, the scammer will claim that they have sent you expensive gifts, connect you to someone who clears customs, and will, in turn, be used to con you tax clearance money before receiving the gift. Also, take your time before getting very comfortable with an online stranger.

3. Fake emergencies

Most of these scammers will pretend to show interest and even want to meet you, then they will develop emergencies that will need financial favors from you. Some will fake accidents or police arrests and will claim to give your contact to another scammer who will con you for emergency funds. This should act as a red flag already.

4. Delegated errands

The scammer will develop some business or errands near your area out of nowhere. They will ensure that they politely request you to run their errands for them since it’s close to your area and they are far away. They will then collaborate with the entity where they are sending you who will ask for money for a thing or two, which will be urgent and you might find it normal. No, it’s not!

5. Fake or impersonated photos

While communicating with a scammer, you might notice that their photos look suspicious. They usually use downloaded photos and mostly will avoid video calls, claiming that they are shy. To detect fake or impersonated profiles, save their display photos then go to, paste the photo, and you will be able to detect if it’s a downloaded photo or a real photo. If they think they are smart, outdo them!

Common Red Flags

Here are some red flags that will get you from an unsuspecting partner to an enlightened partner.

  • Do not trust someone who falls for you almost immediately. True love takes time or isn’t it so?
  • He or she does not want to do a video call or the photos look like they are too refined or too professional. They could own a great camera but still!
  • Be wary of a person who wants to meet you almost immediately or is coincidentally around your area for a vacation.
  • Be suspicious if they want to switch from the dating site almost as soon as you connect. 
  • Ignore urgent requests for emergency money.

Please contact us if you have lost funds to online dating scams. Scam Help is a licensed funds recovery agency and we’ll help you to explore chances of recovering your funds. 

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