How Lost Funds Recovery Agents Scam Victims In Italy

Fraudulent companies that claim to recover lost funds have become an increasing trend among Italian citizens. These entities will make promises about the lost money they will recover but then turn around and demand an “impossible” amount of money, claiming it is for facilitation fees. 

Typically, this money ends up in the pockets of the scammers. In recent times, a number of reports have come out pointing to the emergence of such scams. The Italian market authority Giustizia Finanziaria reported the use of a website that offered bitcoin services and the use of a Cyprus-registered company’s main bank account as a transit platform. 

Several recovery scam companies now operating in Italy

Many of these scams work by contacting the victims and asking them to pay a hefty upfront fee. The fraudsters may contact the victims via email, phone, text message, or mail, and often use convincing testimonials and A-plus ratings to attract their victims. In Italy, there are several scam companies operating in the country.

These companies often pose as fraud recovery experts and ask victims to pay an upfront fee to receive a refund. They may also make claims that they are working with the court to distribute the money or that they are contacting the victim to begin civil court action. Once the victim has paid the initial fee, the scammer will ask for more, and the fraudster will never return the money.

They use creative writing to entice you

The scammers will use creative writing techniques to entice victims. They will say that their services are the best at recovering lost funds. However, they’ll also refer to themselves as fraud recovery experts, and claim that they are the only way to get your stolen funds back. The scammers can only be stopped from stealing your money if you report them to the Italian authorities. This way, they won’t be able to continue operating.

While many people have tried to recover their lost funds in Italy, the process of finding and contacting a legitimate agency can be complicated. It’s not uncommon to hear about people claiming to recover funds but don’t believe them. These companies may not be legitimate. You should always contact the authorities and enlist the services of a reputable agency. The government will not charge you unless you are satisfied with the work done. The best way to avoid losing your money is to be vigilant. There are many scammers and fake organizations on the Internet.

Are You A Victim? 

There are many agencies that can help you recover your money. Yes, these organizations offer their services for a fee, but they will not ask for upfront fees like the scammers do. Additionally, a reputable funds recovery agency like Scam Help will first take you through a FREE CONSULTATION where you will be able to evaluate your chances of recovering your lost funds.

Can government agencies help?

While we might want to do everything we can to recover lost funds, sometimes it’s not possible and this is a reality you must always accept. Government agencies do not charge any fees, but as you know governments can also be overwhelmed with so many other responsibilities or too many cases. So you are better off going with a reputable funds recovery agency that does not put the focus on the money but on vigorously evaluating recovery chances. 

Once again, a reputable agency will not ask for a fee upfront.


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