Have You Lost Funds To Online Scammers? These Tips Can Help

Scammers are almost in every industry where there is money to be made, trying to take your hard-earned money, bank account information, and more. Many have had their funds stolen from an online scammer at one point or another in their dealings. How do you recover the funds?

Lost your funds to online scammers? Here are a couple of helpful tips that you can apply to help you recover your lost funds.

Take these quick actions upon losing your funds

Recovering lost funds is not an easy task. That’s because most scammers have devised ways to cover their tracks and make it impossible or difficult to recover funds you’ve lost to them. However, there is still some hope. 

As soon as you realize that you have been scammed, please take these actions.

i). Report the fraudulent activity through your bank’s fraud department. This will help protect you from further theft and make sure no one else can get away with stealing money out of your account!

ii). Get help from a company that specializes in recovering funds lost to scammers. Scam Help offers this service and we are ready to help you out. Start immediately with our free consultation service to access your eligibility. The recovery process can take some time, but it is worth it because you need to get back what is rightfully yours. 

iii). Report to your country’s government agencies. Sometimes it is possible that relevant government authorities could have information on known fraudsters and your report will help to boost efforts to track down the frauds. For example, if you are in the United States, you can report via the Federal Trade Commission.  In Denmark, the regulator is known as the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Make use of payment platforms

If the platform you used to channel your money to the scammers has its way of getting back lost funds (such as PayPal), then please through their funds recovery system. It’s better to use their official channels for filing claims and complaints rather than trying anything “unofficial” or disruptive on social media. They may actually be able to cancel or reverse future transactions that are attempted on your account.

If you pay through PayPal, for example, you can always file for a dispute or refund and a case will be created to try and recover your money. However, this doesn’t offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll recover your money. But the good news is that platforms like PayPal have a good track record of safeguarding their clients and returning money they sent to people or entities who turn out to be frauds.

While recovering lost funds online may turn out to be a long and difficult process, it is possible to do it successfully. You just need to be patient and take the proper steps towards recovering your money!

Once again, a professional and licensed funds recovery agency like Scam Help has the connections and tools necessary to recover funds from scammers faster than most other methods. So please reach out to us if you have been scammed and let’s give you the professional assistance that you deserve.  

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