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AlphaBetaFX is an offshore broker. We have seen varying information as to their location. We have also received previous customer reviews that were mostly negative.

Alpha Trade

Alpha Trade’s contact info shows that they are based in the United States. Through our research, we could not obtain any proof that they are regulated in the United States or in Europe, or by any major regulator.

Alfa trade

Alfa trade is a broker that is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. They also state that they have an address in Bulgaria. In their contact info, they have a UK phone number, however, they are not registered with the FCA or any other major regulator.


Al Trade is a broker that offers CFD and Forex trading. Although the company states they operate in London, and in the United Kingdom, they are not regulated by the FCA. They are actually based offshore.


Offshore broker that mainly trades in CFD’s, and Forex trading. They are registered out of Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines. The requirements for registering in Saint Vincent are much less strict than in most countries. This company lists a UK phone number but is not FCA registered.

AG Markets

Broker that has some connections to New Zealand in terms of being registered there, however, they are not regulated or authorized to operate by the main regulator FMA. They are registered to operate in Saint Vincent, where the rules are less strict.

AG Capitals

AG Capitals is a broker that provides Forex, CFDs, and options trading. They are registered off-shore in the Marshall Islands. The UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has banned them from operating in the UK. Our team at Scam help advises against using their services.


Broker that provides forex trading, CFDs that include: minerals, metals, and various other commodities. They also provide software. They are registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, although operating in South Africa.We advise not to use their services as we view them as high risk.

Advance Trade Option(no image available

We could not locate much info regarding this company. From previous customer accounts, it seems there were multiple issues in dealing with this company. Until you can verify that a broker is regulated by a major regulator we recommend avoiding using their services.

Affiliated Trade Group

Affiliated Trade Group states that they have multiple offices worldwide including in Switzerland. They are not registered with the Swiss FINMA regulatory authority. They have also been issued warning advisories by the Ontario Securities Commission. We advise you not to use their services.