Beware of the Capital Wealth Trade Scam – Protect Yourself from Scam Methods

Beware of the Capital Wealth Trade Scam – Protect Yourself from Scam Methods

Investors and traders all over the world are being targeted by scammers and fraudsters trying to rob them of their money. People have reported being victims of crypto, forex, online dating, CFD, banking, online casino, and many other scams. The good thing is Scam Help has a legitimate strategy and tested solutions in place to recover your stolen or lost assets.

Our experts and investigators at Scam Help recently found out that a UK-based firm Capital Wealth Trade is offering financial products and other related services to people even though they are unauthorized to do so. 

In this blog, we will take a look at why to avoid the unauthorized Capital Wealth Trade and how to stay safe from their scam methods.

The FCA Issued a Warning Against Capital Wealth Trade 

In the UK, any individual, firm, or company that offers, sells, or promotes financial products or services has to be registered or authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA. Capital Wealth Trade and their website are not registered with or authorized by the FCA.

This firm is targeting investors and people in the country. As it is an unauthorized firm, if you lose money or get scammed, you won’t be protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme or Financial Ombudsman Service, and it will be very hard to recover your lost funds.

Here are some basic details about the firm –

Name – Capital Wealth Trade


Email –

It is totally possible that the fraud firm gives different details to different people in order to stay anonymous. They may change their contact details from time to time.

When you use financial services from an FCA-registered company, you will have access to FSCS protection and Financial Ombudsman Service, depending on your investments, the company’s permissions, and their services. Capital Wealth Trade is not registered with the FCA, and if you have been scammed by them, then Scam Help will help you recover your hard-earned money.

How Does Capital Wealth Trade Scam People?

Capital Wealth Trade usually works in a similar way as most other online scammers and fraudsters. They send unsuspecting and vulnerable people to their website and ask them to create a new account and make an initial deposit to start trading or investing.

The scammers trick people and gain their trust by telling them that they will multiply their investment in a very quick time. They pressure the people into depositing more and more into their accounts to make more investments. When people try to cash out or withdraw their profits, the scammers show their true colors and start ignoring them.

Either the fraudsters at Capital Wealth Trade stop all contact with the victims or ask for more money from them in the form of taxes or withdrawal fees. All this is just a setup to extract as much money as possible from the victims. Our team at Scam Help wants to make sure that people worldwide are aware of the fraud going on at Capital Wealth Trade and keep their money safe from them.

Signs that Show Capital Wealth Trade is a Scam

Scam Help’s team investigated the fraud website using our forensic and tracking tools to identify certain things that people should look out for and stay safe from fraud. We found various red flags relating to the Capital Wealth Trade firm.

Unlicensed and Unauthorized – Any investment, trading, or financial products company always lists its location and information about registration and authorization. Capital Wealth Trade offers services in the UK, but it is not authorized by the FCA, making it very likely to scam people. Based on this, it is recommended that everyone stays away from this website and does not involve with any of their services or products.

Nameless and Anonymous – Most legitimate firms have all information about their employees, services, location, etc., on their website, while scammers remain anonymous. Capital Wealth Trade does not have any such information and no genuine social media accounts. Moreover, they do not have a LinkedIn page and no information about their employees. Most finance companies take advantage of social media, and Capital Wealth Trade not doing so is a huge red flag.

Scam Help believes that Capital Wealth Trade is unreliable, dangerous, and likely to fraud anyone who avails their services or products. Investors must know how to identify a scammer and stay away from them.

Capital Wealth Trade and Other Freshly Reported Scams

Our team at Scam Help believes that Capital Wealth Trade is also linked to multiple other scam websites, and the public could be in danger of a mass scam. We ask you to avoid visiting or clicking any unknown or malicious links. Do not open any emails before you verify the identity of the sender, and be extra careful on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.

Scammers wait for every potential opportunity to scam people, and you need to be extra careful, especially when trading or investing online. Scam Help’s team has also recognized some other freshly-reported scams.

Here is a list so that you can avoid them and stay safe –

  • Escrow Custodian Service LTD
  • DfinexMarket
  • Leadenhall-WM
  • Bitforex Finance
  • ChainswiftFX
  • Platinum Investments
  • Bloom Market Trading
  • Cryptonance Brokerage
  • Nexus Financial FX
  • Midpoint-ex
  • Capital Wealth Trade
  • DigicoinFX
  • Prime Gold Invest
  • Winvestock
  • FXM Venture
  • Best Ethical Options
  • GETECK UK Limited
  • Universe Options FX
  • Life Equity Investment Private Bank
  • Paragon-Invest
  • FX Coniplant
  • Finance Infinity
  • Start by Change
  • FX-fastfunds LTD
  • CryptocurrencyXCoins LTD
  • Hardy Green Corporate Partners
  • Gtechinvestmentplatform
  • A2B FX Strategy Limited
  • FxForbe LTD
  • XTB Global
  • FXBinastrade
  • ApexBullFX
  • Yabo Global
  • TradeFX Solution
  • FortCrypto LTD

Scam Help Can Help Recover Your Lost Assets 

At Scam Help, our team offers tailor-made solutions to help clients globally who have been victims of money fraud and various types of scam. If Capital Wealth Trade or any other scammer has robbed your money, we will come up with the best solutions to open your case and start your asset recovery process.

Our team features law enforcement officers, banking experts, intelligence experts, and website forensic analysts who use the best anti-fraud techniques and strategies to recover your hard-earned from fraudsters. We will help you at affordable fees and resolve your dispute as quickly as possible.

Get in touch now and get a free consultation of your case from Scam Help.

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