Avoid This New Amazon Token Crypto Scam

A new Amazon Token Crypto scam is popping up around the internet, so beware if you are in Italy or indeed anywhere around the world. This bogus program will provide you with a legitimate-looking dashboard where you can manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. It will also allow you to purchase fake “Amazon Tokens” using other cryptocurrencies. However, beware! The scammers will most likely steal your crypto-currency and use it to make bogus offers.

The scammers are taking advantage of the news that Amazon could be entering the cryptocurrency market.

The fake Amazon Token crypto sites will ask you to connect your cryptocurrency wallet and give them the keys to your digital currency. The crooks will also offer you a ‘potential’ deal for referring your friends. Beware of this bogus deal! You could lose a lot of money if you fall for this scam! Beware! There is a new cryptocurrency scam circulating the internet.

The scam works by hijacking Amazon’s reputation. Cybercriminals will post false ads on social media and direct you to a fake website. Once there, you’ll find an Amazon Token crypto scam, where the website claims to offer free access to a cryptocurrency-based initial coin offering. Beware of this Amazon Token crypto scam! Despite the popularity of the cryptocurrency, it’s currently impossible to buy the actual Amazon Token.

They also work by tricking people into giving them their credit card or PayPal account information. The scammers will redirect the victims to a fake Amazon page, where they can buy a bogus Amazon Token with their own cryptocurrencies. The new fake page will prompt you to enter your email address. You’ll then be redirected to an Amazon Token pre-sale website, where you’ll be asked to provide your password.

The Amazon Token crypto scam is an example of a new type of cryptocurrency investment scam. While it appears to be a legitimate investment opportunity, the scam is very difficult to detect. It takes time and dedication to protect your cryptocurrency and make sure that you’re not a victim of fraud. 

Besides exploiting victims’ fears of missing out on the Amazon Token, it uses the rumor of a job opening in July 2021. The company hasn’t issued any new cryptocurrencies yet. But the rumors surrounding the new Amazon tokens are simply the latest trend that has flooded the crypto world.

So if you happen to hear some friend apparently referring you to a  new Amazon Token, just know they have encountered scammers and advise them not to attempt to invest if they have not invested already. These are just scammers attempting to lure consumers into purchasing fraudulent cryptocurrency by using the name of the company. 

It is also important to note that some of the ads often contain links to fake websites that sell counterfeit items. The advertisements on fake sites use the Amazon name and logo. The links are simply bogus. The scammers are not affiliated with Amazon. 

If you have encountered this scam in Italy or are a victim of other scams, please contact Scam Help to explore the chances of recovering your lost funds. 

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