Beware of Scammers ‘Raising Money for Ukraine’

Scammers are taking advantage of the crisis in Ukraine  by creating fake charities to divert donations to their pockets. These frauds make it look easy for people to donate money to a legitimate cause. The good news is that millions of people want to help the Ukrainian people, but you can protect yourself from scammers by doing a little research. You can search for reviews, complaints, and charity watchdog groups to see if the organization is reputable.

Scammers may be appealing to people’s patriotism by asking for money to support the conflict in Ukraine. Many people will trust messages from someone they think is familiar. For example, people may receive direct messages from Russian or Ukrainian soldiers asking for donations. Scammers may use the “pragmatism” of their victims to convince people to send money. They will often appeal to people’s patriotism to get money or supplies.

ESET, a Slovakian antivirus company, has warned people to be careful about fake charities. The company’s blog warns against the use of deceptive emails and rogue online pop-ups. In addition to using misspelled domains, scammers may also pose as rich Ukrainian businessmen. But beware! Scammers are gaining popularity because of the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Masquerading as legitimate charities

These scammers will masquerade as legitimate charities, create fake websites, and impersonate the people directly affected by the conflict in Ukraine. If a social media site seems to be legitimate, it’s safe to give. But never click on a link or download any attachments. The scammers are trying to trick you into downloading malware to steal your money.

Although many good Samaritans from around the world  are trying to help the Ukraine-Russian war, be cautious when donating to a charity. You should check whether the charity has a presence in Ukraine or in the region nearby. If it does, you should give the money. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid giving to an unknown charity. If you’re not sure, you can use tools like the Tax Exempt Organization Search or the charity register for UK tools to check the legitimacy of a certain nonprofit. Donations to verified organizations are tax-deductible.

Scammers claiming to be Ukrainians 

Beware of scammers pretending to be in Ukraine. These scammers will pose as people in need and will ask you for money to buy a plane ticket. They’re simply trying to steal your hard-earned cash. So be cautious and don’t fall for the latest fraudulent tricks. They’ll make you feel good about your generous gesture, while taking your hard-earned money.

Lost funds to scammers?

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